Container trucking

With container trucking, we focus primarily on the transport of sea containers from the Dutch, Belgian, German and French harbors.

We specialize in international one-way trucking.


One way trucking
We specialize in combinations in the field of 20ft and 40ft containers and offering one way trucking with import or export.

Reefer container
A reefer container, also known as a refrigerated container or refrigerator container, is an insulated container equipped with a refrigerating unit. This unit is motor-driven and enables refrigerated transport over longer periods of time. Looking for reefer transport options? Falco Lines B.V. has a large number of chassis with genset connection for the transport of reefer containers.

Trucking throughout the EU
We transport to almost every country in the European Union. From or to the northern ports such as Bremen, Bremerhaven or to Strasbourg, Marseille, Luxembourg or Duisburg. In doing so, we take the customs formalities off your hands. So that you have arranged all the operations to get the containers from the port to the desired location.

Attractive rates and extra service
We also offer the organisation and execution of fixed lines at an attractive rate. With the service you are used to from us.

Why Falco Lines?
With us you can count on good communication. We deliver on time and we respond to specific wishes. Customer-focused at a competitive rate! Contact us about container trucking.